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Tour description

This monumental free tour begins at 11.00 in the Plaza Bib Rambla next to the source of the giants, it lasts approximately two hours, where we will walk through the most emblematic corners and places of our beautiful city and know the Muslim and Christian Granada.
We will visit (without entering any monument) places like the Cathedral of Granada, the Alcaiceria, the Royal Chapel, as well as part of the historic center where different cultures are mixed.

What does the service include?

  • Royal Chapel of Granada
  • Catedral de Granada
  • Fuente de los Gigantones
  • Alcaicería

Meeting point

Fuente de los Gigantes – Plaza Bib – Rambla – How to get

Note that

It is not recommendable for people with low mobility or baby trolleys.

On arrival

Meeting point: Fountain of the Giants – Plaza Bib Rambla.

Cancel if you can not attend

You can cancel your reservation at any time. We remind you to cancel reservations that you cannot attend. Being reported as absent decreases your client level points on FREETOUR.COM and the benefits that come with it.

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 11:00 AM

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